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Alarm wegen auslaufender Nordkorea-U-Boote

[11.04.2013] Now the really alarming part, if the submarines and number station wasn’t alarming enough. One of the things that hasn’t been discussed in mainstream news is the fact that North Korea has between 22 to 24 diesel electric submarines of the Romeo Class. These subs, which are heavily antiquated and for the most part decommissioned, are capable of open ocean missions. They have also been successfully retrofitted to carry a small anti-ship cruise missile, actually six of those missiles and while the YJ-8, the missile used for those retrofits, is an anti-ship missile (similar to the Exocet in use) they could carry a conventional warhead used to hit a building, damage a runway or some other kind of ground based target. But its not beyond the pale to suggest that the warhead could be modified to carry a more interesting payload and it is important to remember that North Korea does have one of the largest chemical weapons stockpiles in the world. The submarine in question also has a range of over 9,000 miles but a top speed of 8 knots which is fairly slow. Its also a diesel so the submarine would would have to run on the surface to recharge batteries of let off exhaust from its engines which is a byproduct of their origin which was late war German U-Boats. Its also important to note that Romeo Class submarines which have been retrofitted must fire their missiles from the surface.

MID-WEST, UNITED STATES — Within hours of South Korean news sources breaking a story that several Sang-Ho class submarines had disappeared from their North Korean bases, a ham radio operator named Tim, picked up a “numbers station” broadcasting on the same frequency as “The Voice of Korea” propaganda station. What makes this even more interesting is that at the tail end of the numbers transmission there was a long duration digital transmission as well.

So why is this important and alarming?

There are several reasons why this new development is particularly alarming. The first being the existence of the numbers station coming online shortly after the submarines put to sea, but more importantly is the digital transmission apparently tacked onto the end of the transmission and the ramifications of that transmission.

Numbers Station?

Throughout the Cold War numbers stations were used to convey encrypted messages to covert operatives. The station would come online broadcast a series of numbers, possibly multiple times, then disappear into the darkness. Those numbers were used as coded messages to be decrypted on the other end by the in country operative. Examples of these numbers stations can be found at The Conet Project Archives. So what makes this number station significant is the proximity in timing to the disappearance of the San-Ho class submarines, as well as the digital transmission. It is important to point out that the Sang-Ho submarines in question were effectively purpose built for covert insertion of small teams ofNorth Korean Maritime Commandos who are part of North Korea’s much lauded Special Operations Force. So at this moment there is a covert North Korean force apparently heading for South Korea.

The Sang-Ho submarines can carry as many as 30 commandos per submarines giving the current submarines a combined force of around 60 troops. Those 60 troops are specially trained to carry out behind enemy lines covert actions such as sabotage and assassinations. So in this case the numbers station was most likely broadcasting a special code to North Korean operatives to announce the impending arrival of the covert operations teams.
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